How to Use Law of Attraction Jewelry and manifestation stones

Rockweyer would like to offer gorgeous suggestions on How to Use Law of Attraction jewelry and manifestation stones to attract your desires. Simply stated, manifestation magic works like this… if you want something you must have pure intentions about it …and babe, you can’t take your eyes off of it. Intentions inspire actions, actions result in manifestations. Love, friendship, new job, great home…these are positive manifestations that many people want for themselves. Learning how to use Law of Attraction jewelry and Manifestation Stones will help you to attract what you want. “More of what you want is always better.”


More of what you want is always better.

The challenge remains to understand HOW TO RAISE YOUR LOVING VIBE enough for the universe to hear your wish and to fire up magical and magnetic forces that bring you what you desire. If the universe cannot hear you, your wishes will not come.

Can the universe hear You?

Laying a symbolic stone upon the heart or throat, in your hands, or laid upon the forehead or stomach will help you to imprint upon your intention. Learning how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones TOUCHING YOUR SKIN will physically amplify your focus and will metaphysically remind you of what you set out to do.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wear a reminder to stay on target?”

Before diving into LOA, here’s my legal disclaimer:

Disclaimer: I am a jewelry designer, stone and mineral collector and a blogger. I am not a doctor or a mental health professional. I am not your doctor or your mental health professional. Please see your doctor if you are experiencing a medical issue. This article provides unique and entertaining ways to implement jewelry to ENRICH your life. I hope you enjoy the article and the flavor of my vocab that I use to describe working with my jewelry. Please do not eat the jewelry and please keep rocks, crystals, minerals and jewelry components away from small children. I am not liable or responsible for any damages resulting from or related to your use of this information.

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The Law of Attraction states that what you think about the most…will come to you

For example, rose quartz upon on your chest plus loving thoughts and actions equals precious and more sweet moments with the fam, happier home or work environment, or a new hottie in your life.  How?

First, what does good sweet love feel like when you have it? It is an overflowing source of pleasure and happiness… emitting energy and manifesting as the highly engaged super power version of YOU, with your full awareness of what you’re doing and who you are with, and your surprising sense of consideration and generosity towards others…all sparked by a sense of inner peace and security. You are capable of so much, focus and bring that hottie OUT.

“Love is an overflowing source of happiness…energizing You and your actions !”

The energy of love can transform You into an effective, sensual and sexy person… A POWERFUL HUMAN MAGNET for delicious things that the universe can present to you upon a silver platter.

How do crystals perform their magic? The energy of color is one explanation. Rose quartz is swirling with soft pink hues. Pink is historically used to portray love, kindness, and friendship. We imagine pink on a soft silky sweater, gorgeous pink gift bags, and creamy pink frosting on your best friend’s birthday cake.

When you see pink, you can almost smell and taste the freshness and sweetness of it and you can feel the soft or velvety sensation of it. Pink is a warm and alluring energy (vibration) that brings out your friendly sense of openness.

Wear rose quartz jewelry if you want to feel loving…or frisky!

This pink vibration goes to work on your HEART CHAKRA, which is the main target of rose quartz jewelry. When you have love flowing through your heart chakra it begins to support the opening of even HIGHER ENERGY CHAKRAS such as the Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.

You can learn how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones to open all of your energy chakras. (More explanations about Rockweyer jewelry and energy chakras are coming, please stay tuned for those links…)

The heart chakra opens other chakras!

When these other chakras open, you can receive higher frequency vibrations leading to self-confidence and expression, deep intuition, and very loving spiritual connections (we have more Rockweyers designed specifically to support that ascension…Click HERE to see our Angelic Ambassadors). Loving pink energy provides a sense of security, which thankfully pushes out resistance and negativity, leading to mental clarity and happiness.

For example, the life you despise can be softened with patient and loving insight. And the life that bores you relentlessly can become creative and sexy when empowered by loving enthusiasm. This is how to use law of attraction jewelry and rose quartz manifestation stones to attract inner healing and self-love, and to convert it to deeper unconditional love and peace. That is exactly what rose quartz symbolizes.

Rose Quartz jewelry attracts inner healing and self-love

And converts it into deeper unconditional love and peace.

Rose quartz is a “silicate” meaning among other elements its primary composition is silicone dioxide. One quantum mechanics explanation of the effects of crystals upon the skin of the wearer suggests that you and I imagine the electrons, protons and neutrons of our cells of our physical bodies as resonating energy or energy fields.

“We are resonating fields of energy…”

Therefore, we humans, are open flowing energy that literally mix with the energy of our surroundings. Items containing negative electrical charge such as quartz silicates will be accepted by our cell exteriors as something beneficial for our cells to receive. Our bodies know how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones…they sense the GOOD VIBRATIONS!

“Stones have GOOD vibrations!”

A stone that resonates with pure vibration in the palm of the hand can offer the person “grounding” and the repairing of the “off balanced vibrational energy” of their own solar plexus and/or root chakras. The correct vibrational feeling of being grounded is like the feeling of being connected, yet balanced and centered, safe and secure. Click HERE to read about our Body Guards.

“This is how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones to help you Get GROUNDED!”

Common stones used by crystal practitioners for grounding include black tourmaline, jasper and smokey quartz. Although mostly used for the heart chakra, rose quartz can have a healing effect upon all the chakras including the sacral chakra to improve fertility and the root or base chakra to rejuvenate the physical body, releasing spiritual energy in the form of security.

Grounding and “earthing” alike are so popular and recommended today. Go bare foot at the beach, walk bare foot on grass, sit on a large rock near the water, hold a crystal in your hand.  Stones, minerals and crystals of our planet are electron rich and our bodies need to literally be in touch with earth as much as possible for optimal health and balanced biological processes. Is it easy to figure out how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones for optimal health by wearing it daily.

“…minerals and crystals are electron rich.”

Just as foods with antioxidants protect us from free radical damage that causes aging and disease, earthing and grounding by touching stones to our skin provides us with a source of beneficial free electrons to counteract destructive positively-charged free radicals from stealing electrons needed from inside healthy cells .

“…free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells.”

General health benefits of grounding and earthing include reduced inflammation, reduced stress hormones, better sleep, increased energy, reduced pain and stiffness (and this is how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones to enhance beauty and attraction in my opinion!) 

Healthy bodies attract the feeling of vitality, self-improvement and self-accomplishment, more pleasure and relaxation, leading to an excess of energy, manifesting as greater success, happiness, ease, and peace.

Loving vibrations and good health convert you into a magnet for GOOD LIFE that the universe can bring to you.  Soft pink rose quartz attracts physical healing, self-love and more ability to love outwardly.

“Can you see how to use law of attraction and manifestation stone jewelry to attract healing?”

The power of Rose Quartz jewelry and its usage for love and healing in Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures dates back to as early as 7000 bc. Perceived as an important fertility stone in many cultures, rose quartz has been utilized for many centuries and still today by crystal healers.  For more historical and cultural usages of rose quartz jewelry …See for example Heart and Soul by Rockweyer.

The power of pink energy vibration, the grounding support of silicates, historical and cultural endorsement that rose quartz works…if you are still reading this, perhaps you are ready to grab hold of a moment, set an intention, attract LOVE and become the magnet of all that you desire?  

“Are you ready to become a magnet of love that attracts all that you desire?

Ok, so the love must start within you.  We are talking about creating an inner resonance of love that begins with self-love and splashes forth outside your being to create and energy blast radius that effects your surroundings and all things that can positively react to you.

Hold your rose quartz jewelry in the palms of your hand, or in your left hand, or wear in upon your heart or just hold the stones however in whatever quiet space you have. Our website shows how to use Law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones by placing Rockweyers nicely in the palm of the hand for meditation. Click HERE for info about Love Rush by Rockweyer.

Clear your mind and take a very slow and deep relaxing breath, make your ribs rise as you breath in and your stomach expand as you breath out.  Slowly fill your mind with loving pink energy, allow soft and sensual feeling to come over you. 

Clear your mind. Think of soft Pink LOVE

Think of a moment when you felt loved by someone or when you felt loving thrill. If you need to think of a beautiful sensation like walking along a beautiful coastline or gazing upon the face of your approving loved one that works also. Think what you have to think to get your loving vibe up and moving.  Take your time breathing slowly to set your mood.

Think and get your loving vibe UP.

The universe hears and attracts alike things. The universe is listening now! Think about ease and just let love to come to you. Keep breathing slowly.  Inhale positive thoughts, if any doubt or insecurity comes forth, exhale those. It is easy to learn how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones and to pair specific stone combinations with your specific intentions. Click HERE to see Queen of Hearts by Rockweyer.

It’s really important to keep intentions pure and positive so that you don’t attract the opposite of what you want! This is your time to enjoy peace and appreciation for yourself.  You can have it, and everyone deserves it.  Everyone is worthy. 

“Everyone is worthy.”

Feel the rose quartz in your possession. Keep breathing deeply and slowly. Concentrate on being good to yourself, remind yourself of what you are amazing at, encourage yourself to believe in your power. Put yourself in the center of this loving mindset.  Try to clear away all thoughts and just breath in and out the word LOVE.

Now imagine the pure energy wrapping around you, expanding gently outward but staying close to your heart and desires …in an energy spiral. This is the beginning of your Energy Vortex, which you can either keep close and intimately nearby around you or you can span it out across the world…and share with all of mankind etc. You get to chose your attraction and level of pursuit. Keep your eyes on you and all that want, and ways to move towards what makes you happy. Don’t be distracted by what other people want and what they are doing. First You do You…and then later you can help mankind!

Rockweyer’s stainless steel VORTEX reminds you to stay focused on what you want to attract.

Set your intention to build yourself up and to surround yourself with people and tasks towards which you wish to give your warmest consideration, effort and time.  Approach these things and beings with good emotion and openness. Think and act lovingly.

Do this and you’re halfway there. 

Law of Attraction only works if you ramp up your emotion to land onto the blissful platform of better relations or new love interest. It’s not enough to be hurting inside and just say in the mirror I want more. On an emotional and positive belief scale your loving magnetism must be 10 on a scale of 10!

Your loving magnetism must be 10 on a scale of 10!

Begin with treating yourself right, visualizing yourself having more love, feeling the excitement of it, and feeling confident knowing it is yours.  Level 5 belief and enthusiasm will not cut it. Focus and work on raising your vibe moment by moment. Live in the moment!

“When you learn how to use Law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones it is great because no matter where you are, if you fail or if you go backwards in one instance, press the crystal upon your skin and remember what to do…reactivate your intention.

Love Rush by Rockweyer can easily be rinsed with running water after heavy usage.

Give a compliment rather than an insult. Have patience, place anger and annoyance outside your Vortex where it is less important to your being.  Give praise and loving attention.

Take a deep breath and revisit your wish… feeling the warmth of the law of attraction and manifestation stone jewelry on your skin.   It takes a great deal of practice to fire up the self-fulfilling love magnet within you, and there is no better journey.

…there is no better journey.

Obey the Law of Attraction. Singers write about it, poets rhyme about it, and apparently Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington swear by it. I just joined a facebook group where over 100,000 fans can share tribute to it! Please visit to learn more about how to use law of attraction jewelry and manifestation stones and to see more gorgeous stone pairings to achieve your every desire.  Rockweyer uses law of attraction and manifestation magic from the solid depths of the earth to the heavens above where love is infinite.

Thank you for reading! Please contact Kersten if you need any help with finding or designing your Rockweyer, and please subscribe if you would like to follow our articles or to receive info about new stone arrivals…

“There’s brilliant energy deep within,

Focus, intention, right action, begin!”

May our Rockweyers transform thy Intentions Into thy Manifestations.


  1. Kersten Maxson on December 10, 2020 at 12:44 am

    That is a very nice compliment. Thank you. I read many books about crystals and I attempt to infuse the information into each Rockweyer jewelry design and description. I really appreciate books that describe the historical usage of stones, such as the books written by Judy Hall and Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer. I also take notes on the You Tube videos presented by Hibiscus Moon describing the science of crystals. I use her information for crystal pairing and amplifying.

    As for Law of Attraction, that is more of an intuitive understanding that I am fortunate to embrace without training, although people who share the same belief have referred to me Ester Hicks, whose book I read this past year and found to be a very excellent way to verbally express what I feel intuitively about how the energy of the universe works. It’s called Ask and it is Given.

    Again I appreciate your compliment. I do plan to present much more related material, especially to describe energy chakra healing. It has been quite a while since I posted since I am currently working on jewelry design. And jewelry design is a different language to use to communicate to others about how to embrace the energy within oneself and to resonate with one’s highest most passionate version during daily life and living. I find myself having to study fashion in order to speak about jewelry fashion, which will lead to crystal life style eventually and fortunately. It so happens that this year provides me the time I need to learn another language and then return to this pursuit to help serve a broader audience. Thanks again for both your interest and appreciation.

    Rockweyer is on Pinterest if you wish to follow weekly designs. Instagram has Rockweyer weekly designs and life style and fashion inspiration behind the designs of this year. New fashionista friends on IG have kept my passion alive while the world became afraid and very quiet out there. I will also be going into nutrition and healthy habits, as I am a bit obsessed with cancer prevention as stated in by other website blog article Titled: Rockweyer Jewelry Designs. Thanks again and best wishes.

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    Thank you for the wonderful compliment. I just responded to a similar compliment and I tried to give reference to crystal authors that I follow. I am a bit new to navigating around on my website and hope you are able to read the response above. Thanks again and best wishes.

  3. Kersten Maxson on December 10, 2020 at 12:56 am

    Thank you very much! in case you are not able to read my response to similar and generous compliments to the article, I give much credit to the articles, posts and books about crystals written by authors such as Judy Hall, Dr. Flora Peschek-Bohmer and Hibiscus Moon.

    As for Law of Attraction, it is an intuitively learned art of living that I have found universal truths during silent meditation, however, I recently discovered a great author on the topic. Her name is Ester Hicks and an excellent book by her that I read is called Ask and it is Given. Thank you again and best wishes.

  4. Kersten Maxson on December 10, 2020 at 1:07 am

    I’m glad you found the article. My goal is to encourage people to thrive in any environment no matter the times we live in by embracing and amplifying positive energy within …all starting with a true wish and focused intention, aided perhaps by a crystal in hand. Thank you and best wishes.

  5. Kersten Maxson on December 10, 2020 at 1:12 am

    Thank you I much enjoyed writing the contents of the article and making the connections between historical accounts, belief in universal energies and scientific explanations. I hope I responded fully above giving credit where it is due. Thank you and best wishes.