March 21-April 20

Aries can ROCK a smart-sexy-casual or sporty sense of style. With powerful ego and assertiveness, Aries remains true to their personal and professional goals throughout their lives. Headstrong and dynamic, the Ram likes to be first and best at their pursuits. They are brave entrepreneurs with generosity and enthusiasm to make things happen. They truly work hard and play hard. Aries are strong willed people who keep youthful spirit well into old age. They are independent and do not feel they need the aid of others. They never want to feel weak or helpless, so they act irritable and moody in place of that. Open and idealistic personality with stamina, they tend to not waste time holding grudges or digging up the past. They have a quick-witted mind, great sense of humor, and a knack for assigning detail work to others if they themselves find it too boring. Here are some lovely stones  to amplify the strength of Aries or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for our updates on new offerings!

Stones to support Aries:


Amethyst promotes deeper understanding and value of others

Aquamarine supports Aries’ upright, persistent & dynamic personality

Carnelian reminds to enjoy life and to have rest and recuperation and not just ambitions

Citrine supports individuality and confidence

Fire Agate protects against ill wishes and destructive desires

Garnet helps to relate to the perspective of others

Hematite keeps Aries down to earth even with lofty goals

Jasperkeeps Aries determined

Kyanite drives out negativity and allows  higher spirituality

Red Jasper tempers anger, jealousy and hatred

Ruby Tourmaline helps tactfulness, flexibility and balances aggression

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