A Capricorn who tends to gravitate towards conservative colors, can ROCK fabulous style even when casual. They have a high sense of ambition and endurance in their careers. A Capricorn believes strongly in gorgeous tradition and resists change. They are very particular on how they create things and events and might allow their powerful detailing to interfere with life balance. Full of patience, they are heavily goal-oriented and they excel at handling difficult tasks, even despite their narrow mindset.  A Capricorn rates success according to material world achievement, which can leave them with deep feelings of inadequacy hidden beneath a non-stop drive to prove their worth. When they achieve contentment with monetary status, spiritual attainment can be their next conquest. They are capable of deep and passionate feeling and are able to thrive in long term relationships with people who have passed their scrutinizing test of loyalty and affection. Here are some lovely stones to amplify the strength of Capricorn or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for our updates on new offerings!

Stones that support Capricorn:

Agate builds self-confidence and strengthens will power

Blue Lace Agate helps Capricorn to feel safe and relaxed

Carnelian stimulates creative and sexual energies

Citrine strengthens the aura, increases self-confidence & friendliness

Fluorite helps concentration and information processing

Garnet turns Capricorn’s crisis into stimulating challenge

Jasper promotes achievement and self-confidence

Labradorite shields the aura removing other people’s hooks and projections

Malachite brings unconscious wishes, dreams and feelings into awareness

Onyx increases wisdom and serenity

Rock Crystal brings clarity and spiritual purity

Smoky Quartz helps Capricorn to be less materialistic, more genuine

Turquoise stimulates romantic love

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