MAY 22- JUNE 21
A Gemini ROCKS a fun and flirty sense of fashion. Gemini are quick, imaginative, charming, and sociable. These are well styled party goers, deeply curious about life, people and new things. They glow with fresh positive nature and refuse to grow old. They have incredible intellectual capacity and linguistic skills which allows them to understand both sides of an issue. They easily make friends, reveal intimate details about themselves and are always seeking out new experiences and sensations. Gemini rebel against narrow patterns of thought. This can cause confusion or contradiction or loss of focus at times. Even if a Gemini is fully invested in a stunning plan or idea, they can easily change direction in a moment’s notice. Gemini are very knowledgeable and gifted communicators that do well in professions that utilize creativity and flexibility. Multi-tasking comes naturally and their versatile mind is truly their greatest asset. Here are some lovely stones to amplify the strength of Gemini or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for our updates on new offerings!

Stones that support Gemini:

Agate protects Gemini and improves concentration

Apatite draws off negativity, supports extroversion and openness

Aquamarine sharpens intellect, clears confusion

Carnelian supports earthy grounding and spiritual connection

Chrysoprase energizes the heart to bring out creative nature

Citrine keeps one positive and with emotional clarity

Montana Dendritic Agatereminds to stay connected with roots during growth

Rock Crystal supports inner clarity and spiritual connection

Rutilated Quartz Provides highest spiritual guidance

Tiger’s Eye protects from ill wishes and curses

Tourmaline banishes fears and feelings of being a victim

Turquoise keeps Gemini’s alertness and creative expression

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