A Libra ROCKS on color coordination and has a keen eye for luxurious fabrics. Libras are gorgeous masters of lifestyle. They are in perpetual motion to balance all things. With intelligent planning strategy and agile mind, this sign has keen ability for debate.  They avoid decision making, rather they have a great sense of intuition to allow best opportunities to reveal naturally. Born to be people-pleasers, they understand the art of compromise and they tend to self- sacrifice to keep the peace. They can stand aside from emotion except in areas of romance where their desire tends to be deep. In business, their need for harmony leaves them vulnerable against others who might not have their interests in mind. An over committed Libra that is stretched thin, glosses over problems and can fail to deliver. They would do well to dedicate a little more time on their own inner happiness and they find enormous pleasure in nature. Here are some lovely stones to amplify the strength of Libra or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for updates on our new offerings!

Stones that support Libra:



offers clarity and escape from outside pressures and time for self-care


increases concentration and productivity


offers Libra vitality and health, nurtures flow of energy between the chakras

Lapis Lazuli

offers Libra serenity, the key to spiritual attainment


reflects beauty of the natural world and keeps Libra happy in times of trouble


promotes Libra’s intuition and empathy


open’s Libras mind to unfulfilled dreams and desires


seduces and helps release Libra’s inhibitions


connects to archangel Raphael for healing

Smokey Quartz

Protective and allows concentration for problem solving


removes hooks in the chakras or aura from friends, relatives and others


wards off Libra’s depression, anxiety and exhaustion, stimulates romance