Sagittarius ROCKS a very confident unplanned sense of style. Sagittarius radiates with positive outlook and great awareness of the beauty in nature and people. They appreciate travel and adventure.  They are covered in travel guides just in case the opportunity arises and they are completely fine with last minute booking. Sagittarius uplifts the people surrounding them therefore they are well liked and popular. This is an honest and impulsive personality that shoots forward with ideal, even if they haven’t quite determined a suitable target. Sagittarians have a natural sense of responsibility, and a clear sense of right and wrong. When a Sagittarius is offended or slighted they will unleash verbal wrath and revenge. They tend to be highly opinionated on their viewpoints. Nevertheless, they do not like to spend time or energy on holding grudges, and they accept change rather than resist it. Here are some lovely stones to amplify the strength of Sagittarius or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for our updates on new offerings!

Stones that support Sagittarius:



provides inner voice of higher purpose and deeper understanding of life


releases inhibitions, encourages openness and ability to relate to others

Blue Lace Agate

neutralizes anger of Sagittarius

Herkimer Diamond

promotes clear thinking, self-esteem and strength for new adventure


unfolds the art of “right timing” for Sagittarius


brings inner exploration through vivid dreams and memory


awakens new depths of creativity and imagination


protects against doubts and negative influences that constrict talent


teaches karma that “what you put out comes back”

Rose Quartz

offers security and happiness when charting a new course

Ruby Tourmaline

gives Sagittarians vitality to the physical body

Smoky Quartz

Positive and protective stone, promotes concentration for problem solving


keeps Sagittarians true to themselves and defending of their ideals