APRIL 21- MAY 21

Taurus ROCKS a comfortable and sensual sense of fashion. Routine and security are key for Taurus who tends to think carefully before acting. They are not impulsive decision makers and know that all good things need full effort and time to fulfill. Happy home and family are foremost on their minds. Taurus is devoted, reliable and steers around obstacles that block their path. They are skilled with their hands and come up with practical solutions rather than being quick to change out or innovate things or ideas. They are creative, artistic and have good problem solving ability. This is a frugal zodiac sign that does not like to let go of its material possession or its people. This bull can also hold fast to grudges. They do not crave attention and they are true friends that will endure self-sacrifice to give someone a hand. Here are some lovely stones to amplify the strength of Taurus or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for our updates on new offerings!

Stones that support Taurus:


Agate strengthens their down to earth practicality and will power

Aquamarine evokes spiritual awareness and service to humanity

Citrine provides warmth, safety and security

Kyanite encourages self-expression of Taurus

Lapis Lazuli releases and reveals inner truths

Malachite has strong affinity with nature

Obsidian can be used for past live and ancestral healing

Rhodochrosite promotes positive self-image and self-expression and avoids stinginess

Rhodonite recognizes that revenge is destructive, promotes calmness

Rose Quartz gives peace and ease of mind and promotes fresh undertakings

Topaz brings joy, generosity and abundance

Tourmaline encourages health and growth of crops

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