A Virgo ROCKS a very well color coordinated classic yet functional style of fashion. A Virgo likes to be in control and to plan for every eventuality. They like order and organization, even in love and romance. Virgos are graced with integrity and efficiency. These are goal planners and list makers.  Quiet and self contained, they have a eye for detail. They are punctual, develop an extreme sense of duty and responsibility, and an exaggerated adherence to rules and regulations. Spontaneity has little appeal to them and they tend to easily dismiss critical items of others that they misjudged as unimportant. This can be interpreted as cold personality at times and it can block their spiritual development. Virgos are not easy to befriend, so if one is in your circle of friends, it is a genuine relationship. Here are some lovely stones to amplify the strength of Virgo or to overcome weaknesses of this personality type. Also check out our Rockweyers in our shop and please sign up for our updates on new offerings!

Stones that support Virgo:

Amazonite helps to see both sides of a problem and increases intuition

Blue Topaz blue color helps attune to higher self and to the angels of truth and wisdom

Citrine provides Virgo with good cheer in times of confusion

Garnet energizes and sexually energizes Virgo

Hematite nourishes the body and helps cope with loss, disappointment and stress

Jade promotes health and vitality and helps mental ability to thrive in times of confusion

Jasper yellow provides organization skill and analysis, red provides emotional grounding

Lapis Lazuli heals mind, body and soul and calms Virgo to be less rigid

Moonstone soothes emotional stress and stabilizes emotion

Opal reminds one of the rich variety of life and fosters spontaneity

Ruby Tourmaline red color offers one stamina and endurance

Rutilated Quartz energizes Virgo’s aura

Sodalite deep blue color will calm Virgo and allow for spiritual growth

Tiger’s Eye provides security & confidence relaxing structured routine & over expectations

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