Atlantis Princess by Rockweyer


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May you draw deep into the gorgeous blue depths of the Atlantis Princess by Rockweyer, and guided by your higher spirit, open to a new dimension that awaits! Larimar is also known as the Atlantis stone symbolizing boundlessness and immensity. It is thought to be the final remnant of the legendary Island of Atlantis and the myths that surround the lost paradise. The Spaniard who discovered the stone, infused the name of his beloved daughter Larissa with the Spanish word “mar” referring to the sea or surrounding island waters to create the stone’s name “Larimar.”  Larimar is only found in one place in the world, the Dominican Republic on the Caribbean island of Hispanola.  Larimar attracts love, peace and tranquility. Larimar releases serenity, clarity and ease. This is a soul mate seeking stone that helps to heal past life heartaches or trauma and aids in astral travel of mind and spirit. The blue topaz accent is a stone of love and good fortune. Blue topaz deflects negativity and cleanses the aura. Both the larimar and the blue topaz of the Atlantis Princess by Rockweyer help attune to beautiful expression, to one’s higher self and to the angels of truth and wisdom.  Fits nicely in the palm of hand for mediation.

Necklace Information: Two handmade Larimar chip strands (14.5″ &15″) made with tarnish free stainless steel jewelry components including lobster claw clasp and vortex accent hold a 1.25″x 2″ Larimar and blue topaz pendant made of 925 sterling silver*. Handle stone artistry with care not to break it against hard surfaces or scratch it upon rough surfaces. Keep out of reach of children.

*Wipe clean and keep dry the 925 sterling silver pendant. Store this Rockweyer separately in plastic zip lock bag

Cleansing: You may cleanse Larimar under running water after usage and recharge it a few hours in sunlight. You may also simply cleanse the stones with the gentle frequency of a singing bowl.

Programming: The Atlantis Princess can hear all thoughtful and loving intentions. Simply cleanse her, wear her and mention to her your desire. She will give you gentle reminders throughout your day to open your heart and mind to receive love, wisdom and tranquility. It is also calming to sit in a quiet place with her in the palms of your hands and to take a few moments of deep breath, clearing your mind and visualizing your intention with love.