Diana Lavender Amethyst by Rockweyer


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May the light and love of Diana Lavender Amethyst by Rockweyer inspire the highest frequency within and connect to your spiritual being! Lavender amethyst has a particularly high vibration that also serves to calm the heart and throat chakras, facilitating the ascension of the spiritual self into higher realms during meditation. Amethyst is a protective stone that guards against psychic attacks, and nightmares. Amethyst helps to alleviate insomnia by deflecting negative energy and turning it into loving vibes, deeper understanding, and dream healing. Amethyst embraces new ideas, motivates one into action, brings about wise decision making and a higher sense of responsibility.  Amethyst is the stone of sobriety and was worn throughout the middle ages by Bishops and royalty as devotion to faith and higher kingdom.

In Greek mythology, the legend has it that the god of wine and pleasure, Bacchus, fell in love with Amethyst, a worshiper of Diana, goddess of chastity.  Amethyst was a beautiful princess and when Bacchus could not have her, he sought out revenge upon her. To provide protection of the princess, Diana turned Amethyst into a crystal quartz statue. Angered yet full of remorse, Bacchus poured his wine over the statue, turning the clear crystal into a beautiful shade of purple. The pure purple color of the stone symbolizes both the transformation and determination of the chaste princess and the learned lesson to prevent drunkenness and loss of control.  Lavender amethyst is often found in Brazil and has a gentle way of awakening dormant energy. This “Lilac amethyst” reveals flowering talent. Use Diana Lavender Amethyst by Rockweyer for spiritual endurance and perseverance of an undernourished environment or to grow your strength and visualization of a dream or goal that you would like to fulfill! This gorgeous Rockweyer also fits nicely in the palm of the hands for meditation.

Necklace information: Hand made 29″ necklace with amethyst stones and rock crystal accents. Beautiful stainless steel components, jewelry findings and lobster claw clasp and Vortex. No tarnish, easy to store flat.  Handle stone artistry with care not to break it against hard surfaces or scratch it upon rough surfaces.  Keep out of reach of children.

Cleansing: Amethyst and rock crystal can be discharged under running water. Avoid sunlight and fading. You may also quickly cleanse and recharge them with the gentle vibration of a singing bowl.

Programming: Diana Lavender Amethyst by Rockweyer can hear all thoughtful and loving intentions. Simply cleanse her, wear her and mention to her your desire. She will give you gentle reminders throughout your day to open your heart and mind to receive love and wisdom. It is also powerful to sit in a quiet place with her in the palms of your hands and to take a few moments of deep breath, clearing your mind and visualizing your intention with love.