Dora the Transformer by Rockweyer


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May Dora the Transformer by Rockweyer remind you to look deep within yourself to discover that colorful opportunities await!  Iridescent labradorite is a highly mystical stone whose power is associated with varied myths surrounding the Aurora Borealis or northern lights. Named after its Canadian place of discovery, the Labrador Peninsula, it is also found in Finland, Russia, Italy and the island of Madagascar. Labradorite evokes inner spiritual power to embrace new ideas and to banish insecurities….to perform and transform. Meditating with labradorite will instill trust in the universe and allow creative inspirations from the unconscious mind to reveal amazing talent. Wearing this protective stone as a necklace it can take you into other dimensions, reveal esoteric knowledge and facilitate initiation into the mysteries of life while guarding against unwanted spirit attachments.  Rock Crystal is used to cleanse the aura and opens all chakras for deep meditation.  Dora the Transformer by Rockweyer elegantly pairs the pure energy of rock crystal with Labradorite’s power to deflect negativity, to support the aura in astral travel of mind and spirit and connection with spiritual guides.  Both Labradorite and rock crystal, aid in concentration and unlock memories stimulating psychic ability and intuition. The blue energies of labradorite support beautiful communication and vocal artistry and the rock crystal amplifies this effect.  Fits nicely into the palm of hand for meditation.

Necklace information: Pair of Hand made 17.5 & 18″ necklaces with Labradorite stones and rock crystal nuggets. Beautiful stainless steel components, jewelry findings and lobster claw clasp. Includes removable stainless steel Vortex extender up to 3″. No tarnish, easy to store flat.  Handle stone artistry with care not to break it against hard surfaces or scratch it upon rough surfaces.  Keep out of reach of children.

Cleansing: Labradorite and rock crystal may be discharged with running water after usage and recharged for a few hours in sunlight. You may also quickly cleanse the stones with the gentle frequency of a singing bowl

Programming: Dora can hear all creative and loving intentions. Simply cleanse her, wear her and mention to her how you wish to transform. She will give you gentle reminders throughout your day to open your heart and mind to receive love and inspiration. It is also effective to sit in a quiet place with her in the palms of your hands and to take a few moments of deep breath, clearing your mind and visualizing your transformation with love.