Luscious Amazon Girl Bracelet by Rockweyer


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May you fill your heart and mind with the calmness and tranquility of the Luscious Amazon Girl Bracelet by Rockweyer! Amazonite promotes confidence, vitality and joy of life. Legend has it that the brave and independent Amazon women of brazil, where the stone is also found, would gift it to men traveling to their land. Known as the stone of truth and the stone of courage, amazonite is especially effective on the throat and heart chakras strengthening self-love, self-reassurance, self-expression that attracts creativity and good fortune. Fortune tellers use amazonite to stimulate the power of clairvoyance. Placed upon the third eye, amazonite is used by crystal healers to lift depression and anxiety. Amazonite necklaces are used to relieve headaches, migraines and neck tension. Combined with black tourmaline it is used for EMF protection. Underneath the pillow it is used to guard restful sleep. The power of the Luscious Amazon Girl Bracelet by Rockweyer is also protected and grounded by smoky quartz accents. Also lays nicely in the palm of hands for meditation.

Bracelet Information: Hand made 7-8″ bracelet with Amazonite stones and smoky quartz. Beautiful stainless steel components, jewelry findings and lobster claw clasp. Includes stainless steel Vortex and extra links to adjust size. No tarnish, easy to store flat.  Handle stone artistry with care not to break it against hard surfaces or scratch it upon rough surfaces.  Keep out of reach of children.

Cleansing: You may cleanse both smoky quartz and amazonite under running water as needed or once a week.  Recharge both for an hour in the sunlight. You may also quickly cleanse the stones with the gentle frequency of a singing bowl.

Programming: Luscious Amazon Girl Bracelet by Rockweyer can hear all loving and confident intentions. Simply cleanse her, wear her and mention to her your desire. She will give you gentle reminders throughout your day to open your heart and mind to receive love and relaxation. It is also calming to sit in a quiet place with her in the palms of your hands and to take a few moments of deep breath, clearing your mind and visualizing your intention with worry free love.