Mardi Gras Secret Keeper by Rockweyer


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Lavishing moments of confidence and clear mindedness await the wearer of the Mardi Gras Secret Keeper by Rockweyer! Be allured to try new things, but enter fantasies and intrigues with wisdom, sobriety, and a cool head. Traditionally amethyst is used to prevent drunkenness, overindulgence and reckless passion.   Amethyst purifies the aura to achieve deeper meditation, enter higher realms of spirituality, and evoke the violet flame of peace, insight, and psychic protection. Ancient Greeks wore amethyst for protection to guard against magic, evil thoughts and drunkenness. Under the pillow it guards against nightmares, aids in dream recall, dream healing and insomnia. Placed upon the crown chakra or the top of the head, Amethyst improves concentration, enhances memory and improves motivation and determination.   Amethyst brings clarity to the conscious and unconscious mind leading to deeper understanding and wisdom. Amethyst also cleanses the aura, opening to higher frequency of spiritual realms. Crystal healers use amethyst to cure headaches and to reduce stress. Worn as a necklace it brings out charisma and loving personality. Amethyst is found abundantly throughout all of the Americas, Brazil, India, Russia and Africa.

Onyx deflects all negative energies, increases stamina and sense of inner harmony.  Onyx heals all chakras and is paired nicely with amethyst whose power it enhances. Both onyx and amethyst aid in concentration and achievement and promote self-confidence and sense of responsibility. Magically onyx is used for scrying or seeing into the future. As a secret keeper, onyx holds memories and is used in Psychometry thus used to heal past life injuries and physical trauma. Since times of antiquity, onyx has been used as protection against black magic. Ancient Greeks and Romans often adorned inscriptions upon their graves with black onyx, as an offering to Anubis, the ancient Egyptian god of afterlife and gate keeper of the Underworld.  Today onyx is used to overcome your deepest fears, to heal sorrow and grief, and to cool lust and heart felt turmoil. Amethyst and onyx can both be found in Brazil and India. May the Mardi Gras Secret Keeper by Rockweyer keep you alert and confident with the thrill of the moment, yet wise, safe and beautiful through eternity. Fits nicely in the palm of hands for meditation.

Necklace information: Hand made 18″ necklace with lavender amethyst and onyx stones. Beautiful stainless steel components, jewelry findings and lobster claw clasp. Includes removable stainless steel Vortex extender up to 3″. No tarnish, easy to store flat.  Handle stone artistry with care not to break it against hard surfaces or scratch it upon rough surfaces.  Keep out of reach of children.

Cleansing: Amethyst and onyx can be discharged under running water. Avoid sunlight and fading. You may also quickly cleanse and recharge them with the gentle vibration of a singing bowl.

Programming: Mardi Gras Secret Keeper can hear all thoughtful and loving intentions. Simply cleanse her, wear her and mention to her your desire. She will give you gentle reminders throughout your day to open your heart and mind to receive love and wisdom. It is also powerful to sit in a quiet place with her in the palms of your hands and to take a few moments of deep breath, clearing your mind and visualizing your intention with love