Rockweyer Jewelry Designs

Rockweyer jewelry designs offer elegant manifestation stone necklaces and accessories for collectors of crystals and minerals from around the world. What makes Rockweyer unique is its assortment of styles for elegant usage, stainless steel design for durabilty and cleanse, and powerful manifestation stone pairings to support the wearer’s focus and intention. Rockweyer jewelry designs use manifestation stones that support law of attraction principals! Rockweyer is a Florida based unique handmade jewelry design service owned and operated by Kersten Maxson.


My fascination for Rockweyer jewelry designs began just a few years ago with the passing of my mother-in-law. She died of lung cancer within 8 months of discovering that she had it. She was a very kind and gentle woman who left behind almost nothing. So there was hardly anything of beauty for me to give her surviving friends and relatives by which to remember her.

At the time I was having my own health issues. I was helping to manage two restaurants, following a jr athlete around the country on a heavy competition schedule, and taking care of “mom”. I felt dizzy at times, and one time, I almost blacked out in the grocery store.

If that ever happens to you, you feel like you are about to leave earth and go to heaven. And in those few seconds of blacking out, you quickly think about who you are about to leave behind and with what can you leave them to help them to continue on. My thoughts since mom died, were…”if I’m going to pass away, my daughter, my sisters, nieces, girlfriends…they are all going to have exquisite reminders of me…really nice and genuine jewelry from me!”

I started collecting rings, bracelets, etc. made of ALL of the gemstones. Long story short, when I got to the amethyst ring, I said to myself, “Let me just try to MAKE the necklace and bracelet by hand to match the other pieces.” Little did I know, that was the beginning of Rockweyer jewelry designs.

The strangest thing happened afterwards. When I put on the long amethyst beaded necklace worn under my tee shirt at work, the neck and shoulder pain (that I had always had since becoming a mom) disappeared. I’m talking about 17 years of pain. I did not know that that tension could go away that easily.

Rockweyer jewelry designs have been collecting natural semi-precious gemstones ever since then. I have found that the larger the stone, the bigger the energy taurus and strength. And every stone has a unique effect upon different individuals. Crystal healers use different stones for different parts of the body. Certain stones are also used to enhance the traits of certain zodiac signs.

Another effect of the stone touching my skin was the good riddance of the freaky fainting spells. You see, prior to that, the black outs happened again. Another time I over heated at an outdoor grill near the beach. I passed out, and I was very lucky to have with me my lovely friend Erika to put ice water on my forehead with a napkin to bring me back on-line. This was right before Rockweyer jewelry designs…

Anyways, back to the amethyst. I never wanted to take it off. And I didn’t want it to fall off the string where I had tied a knot with a store bought clasp the best that I could. So I called the designer that I actually met at the same time I was shopping for more amethyst for my bracelet. “Janie” said that she also sold amethyst and other gemstones at her house and that she could teach me to make jewelry.

When I walked into this designer’s studio, which displayed very amazing and lavish pieces, I knew I would just be wearing rocks hidden underneath my tee shirt to work in. So I told her, please do not show me a complicated design. I just want to learn how to put rocks on a wire. Now you know how Rockweyer jewelry designs was named. Our necklaces are bold, yet they remain simple and intuitively designed!

After getting balanced and “grounded” with the help of the energy stones, I was able to wrap my head around moms death. I started reading books about cancer prevention which led to healthy organic diet studies. I bought videos and the transcripts of those videos…with testimonies by doctors from around the world discussing the impact of organic diet, the importance of RELEASE OF NEGATIVE EMOTION, and energy chakra balance for joy of life and for cancer prevention and healing.

Yes! The same balanced energy chakras that we learned about in Yoga class can protect your health and empower your spirit. Rockweyer jewelry designs support healthy balance of energy chakras.

Needless to say, cancer prevention became a bit of an obsession for me. I started growing sprouts at home, making smoothies with organic spinach and kale, and making KOMBUCHA! And the best part was the UNIVERSE coming forth intuitively with suggestions for me, always at the right time, to be given to many friends in my life who were in despair and needed this information.


Now, the UNIVERSE wants me to share the intriguing story that stones have to tell. So here is the mission of Rockweyer jewelry designs: To create gorgeous stone jewelry that inspires others to dig deep and to find beauty within themselves. To introduce historically used manifestation stones that remind others to positively connect with all things that surround them…so they do not feel alone, rather infinitely loved. To express to the best of my ability the truth about universal energies within the law of attraction through jewelry creation. To design jewelry pieces that will help support healthy energy chakras balance and the practice of meditation. To encourage others to set and to pursue an intention and to achieve their goals by practicing a healthy and spiritual mindset and wearing manifestation stones. And finally, to offer beautiful “stone escape” jewelry that people can enjoy today…and can pass on to loved ones tomorrow.

“There’s brilliant energy deep within.

Focus, intention, right action…begin!

May our Rockweyers help transform

thy intention into thy manifestation.”