More of What You Want is Always Better. Love, Intuition, Abundance, Inner Peace… Shop Stone & Crystal Jewelry Now

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More of What You Want is Always Better.
Love, Intuition, Abundance, Inner Peace…. Shop Stone & Crystal Jewelry Now

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About Rockweyer

Are you attracted to crystals and natural stone jewelry? Are you looking to enhance your life pursuits using beautiful stones? It is easy to recall memories of our first rock and mineral discoveries. We remember the vibrant layers and colors of the stone and the sense of mystery behind its origin. We also remember how it uplifted our spirit, how it felt in our hand and how we loved showing it to other people. Beautiful stones inspire energy. Have you ever heard of pet rocks? They are wonderful companions.

Rockweyer is hand-made semi-precious stone jewelry designed for crystal collectors who are forever young and curious at heart. Rockweyers consist of cut and polished stones and crystals from around the world, elegantly fashioned onto beautiful stainless steel wire, with stainless steel clasps and jewelry findings for durability and ease of cleansing and storage (instructions for each individual stone are provided). Taking care of your Rockweyers using occasional water cleanse as well as crystal recharge by sunlight or moonlight, or among other crystals or by other means will optimize the power of your Rockweyer. There are no worries about retaining negative vibes in your Rockweyers. Many are intended to absorb, deflect or repel negativity, and some of them ward off evil eye or provide electro-magnetic field protection.

Rockweyers can be described much like law of attraction jewelry. Rockweyers offer harmonious stone pairings to promote your intention to attract more romance, friendship, success, inner peace, prosperity or that which you desire. Several necklaces include beautiful and unique Rock Crystal or Herkimer Diamond Quartz accents which will amplify the power of your Rockweyer. The vortex symbol is included to remind us that “More of What you Want is Always Better”…meaning don’t be so distracted by what you do not want in your life, stay forever focused on what leads you to happiness. How do you program your Rockweyer of the day? Simply pair her with a fabulous outfit, stand facing a mirror and express with true passion your moment’s intention. Your Rockweyer will be your witness as well as your mental/spiritual fitness work out companion as you remain in pursuit of your intentions.

And for the woman who is thankful to have everything, we have a unique assortment of Rockweyer chokers with extenders, statement necklaces, artisan pendant necklaces, Rockilicious supernatural necklaces and other ideal accessories. You may shop by intention, by stone or color, by chakra or zodiac sign. You may also mark your favorites on your ROCKWEYER WISH LIST. Please enjoy our jewelry categories and descriptions, and please follow Rockweyer on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest for weekly designs and inspirations. If you have any questions about our stones or if you have any special stone pairing requests, please contact Kersten Maxson via Direct Message or cell phone number.